Moving Checklist

2 Weeks Pre-Move

Bank Account
Choose a bank in your new community and open an account. This allows for easy access to cash in case of emergencies on moving day. Note: Do not close your existing bank account until all outstanding checks have cleared.

Waste Disposal
Dispose your household hazardous waste (cleaning fluids, lighter fluid, aerosols) before you move. Contact your Town Hall or Public Works department for the nearest location of hazardous waste disposal. You can also call 1-800-CLEANUP.

Return Borrowed Items
Return all library books, videos, and other borrowed or rented items.

Help out the people moving into your current home by leaving them a stack of warranties, instruction manuals, and receipts for appliances and electrical devices remaining in the home after you move.

Packing Boxes
When packing for the big day, do not forget to clearly label each box with the room in which they belong. This helps make settling in much easier.

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