Moving Checklist

5 Weeks Pre-Move

Packing Supplies
It is time to purchase packing materials. This includes boxes, tape, and padding. Some newer boxes created specifically for moving do not require tape. They are easy to use and sturdy.

Donate Possessions
Start cleaning out your closets and bookcases. Donate or sell any clothing you have not worn in over two years. Sort through books and donate them to your local library or school, or sell to a used-book store.

Think about decorating your new place. If possible, take measurements of all the rooms in your new home and decide where you will place furniture. Remember, new furniture can take over six weeks for delivery, so place your order well in advance.

Yard Sale
What a better way to get rid of old and tired possessions than a yard sale! Hold one in your neighborhood or exercise your technical know-how and hold a yard sale online.

Mailing Labels
Order mailing address labels and stationery for your new home. You might want to consider ordering new bank checks as well.

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