Moving Checklist

2 Weeks Post-Move

Make an effort to recycle in your new home! Call the local sanitation department for information about recycling in your community.

Home Security
You should have received all sets of keys to your new home. If you have any doubts, change the lock on the outside door. You can also install a second lock, such as a dead-bolt, if it makes you feel more secure.

Identification Update
Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and update your driver's license/ID. Many cities require proof of residence, so make sure that you have appropriate documents available.

Voter Registration
Visit or call your local town hall about changing your voter registration.

Tax Forms
Don't delay next year's tax forms. Call the Internal Revenue Service to change your address (800)829-3676. Ask for form 8822. You can also visit the IRS online at

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