12 Moving Tips

Here are some common moving tips that we think you will find useful. If you would like a more in depth break down please reference our moving checklist.

#1)  Do not disconnect phone service until the day after loading. Phone service should be available at the new residence one day prior to anticipated delivery date. Do not forget to have customer-owned telephones packed. This is something that should be done at the last possible moment.

#2)  All valuables should travel with you to your new home. This includes all valuable and expensive jewelry, coin collections, important papers and medications. Also insurance policies and other important papers should travel with you. Do not leave tax forms, birth certificates, bonds, etc. to be packed with household goods.

#3)  Be prepared to take with you enough clothing to hold the family over until the shipment arrives at your destination. If goods are to be stored, please take into consideration change of seasons for clothing. Storage access is limited and costly. Put soap, towel and washcloth, toilet paper, paper towels, some bed linens, small clock, a few tools, flashlight and a phone in a dresser drawer or a box clearly marked "load last/unload first" for easy access upon arrival at your new home.

#4)  Plan meals that will use perishable and frozen foods. You may want to consider giving excess food to a charity, friends, neighbors or relatives. Defrost and dry your refrigerator and freezer the night before pickup. Due to conditions beyond our control, we cannot transport frozen or perishable foods.

#5)  Try to open a checking account in your new home town prior to relocating, as it is often difficult to cash "out of town" checks from your existing account.

 #6) Separate goods to be carried with you or not to be moved.

 #7) Beds will be disassembled and loaded last. You can stay in the home until the day of loading. Please remove sheets and  blankets yourself.

  #8) Any item permanently affixed to the walls or ceiling should be taken down by you if you wish to have it packed and/or transported on the moving van, unless special authorization for additional labor cost has been given for this service to be performed.

  #9)  Arrange to have your children's records forwarded to their new school. Also obtain copies of health and dental records for all family members.

 #10)  Change of address forms should be sent to the post office and those sending periodicals. Notify the gas, electric, and phone companies to discontinue service. The utilities should not be turned off until after the load has been completed.

 #11)  It is recommended not to move live plants. Insurance will not cover the relocation of plants and the driver cannot be held responsible for damage to plants. Some states may restrict the "import" of live plants due to agricultural restrictions.

 #12)  All items that are flammable or explosive must be transported by you or disposed of prior to moving. Examples are aerosol cans of any kind, propane tanks for barbecue grills (even if empty), fire extinguishers, paints and paint cleaners and ammonia of any kind.


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